Where to stay

Ask Laura if you'd like somebody to ring these hotels!
It would be helpful if you let us know where you are staying.

In the village

There are a couple of options in San Michele village itself:

At the reception

There are some rooms available at the Vecchia Masseria, where we are holding the reception. Let us know if you're thinking of staying here - there are only a fairly limited number of rooms available and they will need to booked soon.

Costs are 40 euros a person/night for a double room, or 55 euros for a single.

Elsewhere hotels

Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina are both nearby and have places to stay. There are buses linking both towns with San Michele di Ganzaria - but they are more frequent to Caltagirone.

Piazza Armerina

Some hotels in Caltagirone

Elsewhere agriturismo

There are many agriturismo nearby - these are rural guest houses that must also actively farm the land, but as I understand the balance between tourism and agriculture varies widely. As they are in the countryside you'll need a car to reach them easily.

There are many places nearby, but mostly they don't have web sites: