Samsung NC10 - LCD colour calibration

My fiancée's catering website doesn't look right on my NC10, compared to my calibrated Eizo LCD. I'd intended for it to be in subtle shades of olive green, but on my NC10 it came out much more of a neutral grey. So I've calibrated my NC10 screen and it gives a much better result.

Measurements and profiles

Measured from my NC10 with the screen set to three bars brightness, using a gretagmacbeth eye-one display 2. Set to the "native" white point of the display - I think this gives the most neutral colour and best use of the battery - with a gamma of 2.2

NC10 3bar native wp 2.2. gamma 27-01-2009.icc

[ My first attempt at calibration was using a white point of 6500K. This is dimmer and looks more yellow. I strongly prefer the native white point above, but include the 6500K profile here in case anyone wants it
Not recommended: NC10 3bar 6.5k 2.2 gamma 16-01-2009.icc]


Download an icc profile above, then (in windows XP), go to display properties > settings tab > advanced > color management > add

Select the downloaded icc profile, set as default. You now need to reboot windows - the profile should then be applied every time windows starts. I can see my screen change colour a few seconds after I reach my desktop.

Unfortunately, Windows will often forget the colour calibration - for example, after suspending. The best workaround so far is from RiceHigh

More details...

In case anybody is interested, here is the output from the eye-one software - first set to native white point, then to 6500K. Native gives a ~20% brighter display than the 6500K setting, which is good news for battery life. I think the colour is better too - the 6500K setting was rather yellow, while the native profile tames the default NC10 blue tint without too much yellow.

Page updated 4th Mar 2009